Livorno (Tuscany)


Thermoelectric powered by fuel oil plant


13 hectares (9 hectares former power plant and 4 hectares of Enel Research Center)

Plant’s gross capacity

310 MW

impianto di livorno

Recent events
In 2016 the former central power plant was proposed for sale and available for a valuation that meets the needs of the area.

Nomisma operates as technical advisor to support the real estate’s development project outlined by Enel. 

On 12 March 2015, the Ministry of Economic Development, following the positive opinion of Terna,  accepted the request made by Enel on 22 December 2014 to give up operations at the plant declaring all production groups unavailable.

In June 2010 the first decree of Integrated Environmental Authorisation was published, prescribing the adaptation to the best technologies. In February of 2012 the plant went into service to meet the emergency resulting from the reduced availability of gas in the international scenario and Marzocco was included among those that would serve to this purpose also for 2013.

The territory
Livorno is a sea and industry city with a millennial history that began as early as the first century BC The Tuscan city also has a long cultural tradition documented today by museums that collect the works and the life distinguished personalities from Livorno such as musician Pietro Mascagni and  poet and literary critic Giorgio Caproni.

For nine years it has been acknowledged with the Bandiera Blu and it has an active both for passenger traffic port and, especially for freight: thanks to its 11 linear km of docks and piers and 100 moorings, it can boast several records both at the national and European level.

New energy for the territory

The ex “Marzocco” Thermoelectric Power Plant, an industrial area of about 130,000 sqm owned by Enel and now for sale, can be developed to meet the needs of the territory, starting from the logistics networks necessary to enhance Livorno’s port system in which it is located.

The Port of Livorno is a hub of growing importance for the handling of goods and passengers and – since the Italian port assets reform introduced by Italian Legislative Decree 169 of 4 August 2016 – it has been appointed as the headquarter for the Tyrrhenian Sea-North’s Port System Authority.

The new legislation simplified administrative procedures, thus facilitating the area’s development projects. Nomisma operates as technical advisor to support the real estate’s development project outlined by Enel.

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