Montalto di Castro (Viterbo, Lazio)


Thermoelectric oil-gas plant


200 hectares

Plant’s gross capacity

3.600 MW

The local area

Montalto is located in an area renowned for its history, nature and tourism sector. The nearby Vulci Archaeological Park and Nature Reserve is home to one of the most precious testimonies to the Etruscan civilisation. The Guglielmi castle dominates the town, reminding those who see it that since medieval times the history of Montalto has been closely linked to the Popes and the families of the Papal court. Strolling through the town one can find churches and ancient convents built in diverse architectural styles between the 13th and 18th centuries. The area of Montalto is close to the municipalities of Capalbio, Tarquinia, Saturnia and Tuscania that each year welcome hundreds of thousands of tourists along more than 10 kilometres of Tyrrhenian coastline and the natural treasures located near the route of the Via Aurelia.