Pietrafitta (Perugia, Umbria)


Gas turbine power plant


113.6 hectares

Plant’s gross capacity

553 MW

Recent events
Pietrafitta hosted the first Enel idea factory organized in November 2015: a laboratory of ideas open to administrators, local businesses and associations to imagine together the best plant regeneration solution respecting the territory.

The progressive reduction in electricity demand led to the divestment of plant operations in 2014. Enel has requested and obtained from the Ministry of Economic Development the authorization to implement security measures and to stop the operation of the gas turbine groups PF3-PF4 since March 10 2014.

In 2011 the Integrated Environmental Authorisation was issued for the entire plant; for gas turbine groups PF3 PF4-the Decree provided for a maximum duration of exercise in generation not exceeding 300 hours / year.

The plant, opened  in the fifties to exploit the zone's lignite basins, is transformed by Enel between 1978 and 1996 with the construction of gas turbine units. After the exhaustion of lignite field Enel helped to turn it into an artificial lake.

The territory
The story of Pietrafitta is tied to the earth: the first settlers in the twelfth century were laborers who came to work in the grounds of the nearby Benedictine monastery. The industrial development of the area is connected to the beginning of the exploitation of local lignite deposits, which started in the late nineteenth century.

The lignite deposits expanded in the years of excavations have now largely become a lake with a circumference of more than 6 km, run by FIPSAS, which in 2011 hosted the world championships of carp fishing.
The history of mining in the open now lives a new season also thanks to Luigi Boldrini, a miner in the lignite quarry, who first discovered in the sixties some fossils starting the collection now housed in the paleontological museum dedicated to him.