Porto Tolle (Rovigo, Veneto)


Thermoelectric powered by fuel oil plant


2,350,000 sq.m.

Plant’s gross capacity

2,640 MW

Recent events

In May 2016, a public procedure was launched for the acquisition and redevelopment of the site. The Polytechnic of Milan and the local authorities in the Porto Tolle area are working together with Enel on this initiative.

In September 2017 the Evaluation Committee, which had been asked to assess the suitability of the projects presented on the basis of their social, environmental and economic sustainability, completed its work. Enel then started negotiating with the organisations that had presented the two projects deemed most suitable for the area. In July 2018, Enel signed a memorandum of intent with the Human Company, which presented plans to convert the site into an innovative open-air tourist village. The aim is to establish the feasibility or otherwise of the regeneration and acquisition operation on a technical authorisation and environmental level.   

The plant ceased production activities on 1 January 2015, after being the subject of a conservation order. In actual fact, an authorisation procedure had been initiated for the coal conversion of the plant, but the request was never completed. The main energy generation components were then either dismantled or transferred to other Enel plants.

The plant first came into service in 1980 and until the end of the 1990s it accounted for around 10% of Enel's national production.


The local area
The Municipality of Porto Tolle consists of 11 villages, some of which are very small and with a just few hundred inhabitants, whose forefathers literally emerged from the river in the early 17th century. This was when the Republic of Venice built the Taglio di Porto Viro, a massive hydraulic project designed to divert the river and reduce the flow of debris into the lagoon.

The River Po is the heart and soul of the Polesine area. The delta of the river widens between the Veneto and Emilia regions creating one of the largest wetlands in Europe and the Mediterranean. The section in the Veneto region covers 786 square kilometres, of which over 160 are valleys and lagoons, in nine different municipalities.

The great wealth of biodiversity, culture and history of the Polesine area is largely protected by the Delta Park, which covers 120 square kilometres.

Purchase and Redevelopment Procedure

Enel Produzione s.p.a. :

  • Considering the relevant outcomes registered to date by the Procedure of redevelopment and acquisition of the industrial site of Enel Porto Tolle (RO);
  • Aiming at allowing the best preparation of the Project Proposals;
  • Reiterating the opportunity offered by the initiative to the local area;
  • Considering the several requests received to that effect.

Notifies that

The deadline for submitting the Project Proposal together with the Economic Binding Offer is extended from February 3rd, 2017, to February 24rd, 2017.

Enel, in accordance with the Open Power  philosophy and the Futur-e project, will launch a purchase and redevelopment procedure designed to select proposals for the purchase  and redevelopment of its thermal power plant located in Porto Tolle (Polesine).

The Procedure is divided into two phases:

  • Expression of Interest;
  • Due diligence, survey, project proposal and site binding purchase offer.

The two phases of the Procedure will be presented in detail in the document “Invitation for Expressions of Interest for the redevelopment and purchase of Enel’s Porto Tolle industrial site” published on this website.

For the Porto Tolle plant, the deadline for submission of the Expressions of Interest is extended from 2 September to 30 September 2016.

The decision to extend the deadline for the procedure regarding the plant in the province of Rovigo was taken by Enel to allow the best possible preparation of the redevelopment proposals for the project, which represents an important opportunity for this area, and follows the many requests submitted to that effect.

The project proposals will be assessed in terms of their suitability. They were evaluated in terms of the requirements established in the Procedure, which is designed to enhance  innovative and sustainable projects from a social, economic and environmental viewpoint, with a special focus on the opportunities and needs of the local community.

The impartiality and quality of the jury will be guaranteed by the presence of representatives from Milan Polytechnic, while local needs will be considered by representatives from local authorities.

Once the project ideas have been selected, Enel will start negotiations with the organisations that have submitted the relevant binding site purchase offers in order to bring about the sale of the Plant area.


Discover the details regarding the procedure for the purchase and redevelopment of the Porto Tolle power plant.

On this page you will find the “Expression of Interest” for participation, the relevant documentation and a series of supporting materials.

The Expressions of Interest must be submitted at the latest by 30 September 2016 at 12 a.m., and are subject to a preliminary verification by Enel, as to whether they meet the established requirements.

The Project proposals and their Binding Economic Offers  must be submitted at the latest by February 24rd, 2017.




Questions & Answers

If you have further questions about the Procedure and the Porto Tolle site, you can write to the webmaster@enel.com mailbox (until September 2nd).