Porto Tolle (Rovigo, Veneto)


Thermoelectric powered by fuel oil plant


2,350,000 sq.m.

Plant’s gross capacity

2,640 MW

impianto Porto Tolle - Enel.it

The local area
The Municipality of Porto Tolle consists of 11 villages, some of which are very small and with a just few hundred inhabitants, whose forebears arrived via the river in the early 17th century. This was when the Republic of Venice built the Taglio di Porto Viro, an impressive feat of river engineering designed to divert the river and reduce the flow of debris into the lagoon.

The River Po is the heart and soul of the Polesine area. The river delta widens between the Veneto and Emilia regions creating one of the largest wetlands in Europe and the Mediterranean. The section in the Veneto region covers 786 square kilometres, of which over 160 are valleys and lagoons, in nine different municipalities.

The great wealth of biodiversity, culture and history of the Polesine area is largely protected by the Delta Park, which covers 120 square kilometres.