Portoscuso (Southern Sardinia, Sardinia)


Thermoelectric powered by fuel oil plant


138,000 sq.m.

Plant’s gross capacity

320 MW

Recent events
Terna and the Ministry of Economic Development declared the plant no longer essential for the functioning of the power distribution network in Sardinia, resulting in the immediate withdrawal of the AIA authorisation that had allowed up to 740 operating hours / year for each unit, subject to the production being "essential" for the electricity network. The withdrawal of the AIA authorisation involved a formal request to the Ministry of Economic Development and Terna that the plant be put out of service.

The last decade saw a gradual reduction of the plant’s activities. It was last called into use in May of 2012, in response to the emergency caused by an international gas crisis. Built in the industrial zone, it entered service in 1973.

The territory
A seaside town and ancient harbour for the Phoenicians, Romans and Carthaginians, in the sixteenth century the town’s current form began to take shape. Initially a port for tuna fishermen, it was known as "Porto Nascosto "  (the Hidden Port) – the origin of the name comes from the Spanish Puerto Escuso – and went on to grow into the town it is today.

Industry and tourism are the two mainstays of the economy of the Portoscuso area today. In the area of Portovesme over the years industrial facilities have caused various pollution problems, including the phenomenon of the so-called red mud, linked to the presence of a collection area for bauxite processing waste.

Environmental problems have not prevented the area from developing as a tourist destination, offering services to visitors attracted by the natural beauty of sites such as the island of San Pietro, Cala Lunga, or the Pan di Zucchero, a limestone rock formation 133 meters high that in the eighteenth century was renamed after Sugarloaf Mountain in Rio de Janeiro for its similarity to the famous Brazilian peak.



Enel Produzione S.p.A. hereby announces that:

With regards to the purchase and redevelopment of the Portoscuso power station in southern Sardinia, Enel Produzione S.p.A. has decided to include the tank holding zone, as previously specified in the Invitation for Expressions of Interest, in the perimeter of the area involved in the plan.



Enel Produzione S.p.a. hereby announces that:

With regards to the purchase and redevelopment of the Portoscuso power station in southern Sardinia, the deadline for an expression of interest has been extended to 7 March 2019.


In keeping with the Open Power philosophy and as part of the Futur-e project, Enel intends to launch a Procedure to assess and select project proposals for the purchase and repurposing of the Enel site in Portoscuso (SU).

The procedure will take place over two phases:

  • First phase: call for expressions of interest
  • Second phase: due diligence, site inspections, submission of project proposals and binding offers for the purchase of the site

To submit an expression of interest, you must first register on the dedicated platform (go to the ‘Participate’ section) or if you are already registered, simply access the platform.

Expressions of interest must be received by 12:00 midday on 18/01/2019, and will undergo a preliminary assessment by Enel, based on their conformity with the necessary requisites for project applicants.

Following the assessment, Enel will contact the applicants that have been accepted for the second phase of the Procedure for the presentation of project proposal and the related binding offers for the purchase of the site.

The project proposals submitted will be subject to an evaluation of their suitability, taking into consideration the criteria established in the Procedure that aim to prioritise projects that are innovative and sustainable from a social, economic and environmental point of view, with a particular focus on the needs of, and opportunities for, the local community.

Following the selection of project proposals, Enel will begin negotiations with the applicants that submit the related binding offers of purchase in order to proceed to the sale of the power station site.

In the case in which on the date of the deadline, the platform suffers a malfunction or technical or connection problems prevent it from functioning, Enel may choose, at its sole discretion, to accept expressions of interest received after the above deadline if they are sent via email to the website webmaster@enel.com no later than 12.00 midnight of the day of the deadline.

Uploading of an Expression of Interest onto the platform constitutes full and express acceptance of all of the terms, modalities and conditions of the Procedure contained in the relevant documentation.

For further information about the procedure and the Portoscuso site, send your queries via email to webmaster@enel.com.


On this page you can find the Expression of Interest form plus supporting material to participate in the contest.

The expression of interest must be received no later than 12:00 midday on 18/01/2019.