Rossano (Cosenza, Calabria)


Thermoelectric oil-gas plant


690,700 sq.m. (388,000 sq.m. occupied by the plant)

Plant’s gross capacity

1,738 MW

The territory

Rossano attracts local and foreign tourists due to its natural attractions and important historical and artistic heritage. Not only the nearby reserves of the Parco nazionale del Pollinok and the Parco Nazionale della Sila, but also summer attractions such as Acqua Park Odissea 2000 and many farms in addition to the factory liquorice Amarelli, famous throughout Italy and beyond.

The city is also known by the nickname " Byzantine Pearl ": many monuments remind of the glorious and splendid past that has seen the crossroads between East and West from the sixth to the eleventh century. UNESCO declared the precious Codex Purpureus Rossaniensis manuscript of the sixth century, as a World Heritage.