Rossano (Cosenza, Calabria)


Thermoelectric oil-gas plant


690,700 sq.m. (388,000 sq.m. occupied by the plant)

Plant’s gross capacity

1,738 MW

Recent events
In March 2016 the public procedure for the acquisition and redevelopment of the site was launched. The initiative involved collaboration between Enel and the Polytechnic of Milan, local organizations from the area of Rossano, the regional authorities and the University of Calabria. On 17 February the Selection Commission, called on to evaluate the suitability of the submitted projects based on the criteria of social, environmental and economic sustainability, made its conclusions. Enel then began negotiations with the counterparts that had submitted the six projects judged to be suitable for the area, negotiations that continued through numerous meetings in order to identify the best solution for the site.

Since 2010 the plant has experienced a significant reduction in production.

The territory
Rossano attracts local and foreign tourists due to its natural attractions and important historical and artistic heritage. Not only the nearby reserves of the Parco nazionale del Pollinok and the Parco Nazionale della Sila, but also summer attractions such as Acqua Park Odissea 2000 and many farms in addition to the factory liquorice Amarelli, famous throughout Italy and beyond.

The city is also known by the nickname " Byzantine Pearl ": many monuments remind of the glorious and splendid past that has seen the crossroads between East and West from the sixth to the eleventh century. UNESCO declared the precious Codex Purpureus Rossaniensis manuscript of the sixth century, as a World Heritage.

Purchase and Redevelopment Procedure

Enel Produzione s.p.a. :

  • Considering the relevant outcomes registered todate by the Procedure of redevelopment and acquisition of the industrial site of Enel Rossano (CS);
  • Aiming at allowing the best preparation of the Project Proposals;
  • Reiterating the opportunity given by the initiative to the territory;
  • Replying to the several requests received to that effect,

Notifies that

The deadline for submitting the Project Proposal together with the Economic Binding Offer is extended from September 5th, 2016 to October 21h, 2016.

Enel, in accordance with the Open Power  philosophy and within the Futur-e project, will launch a purchase and redevelopment procedure aimed to select proposals for the purchase  and redevelopment of its thermal power plant located in Rossano (Cosenza), specifically in Cutura.

The Procedure is divided into two phases:

  • Expression of Interest;
  • Due diligence, survey, project proposal and site binding purchase offer.


The two phases of the Procedure will be presented in detail in the document “Call for expressions of interest for the redevelopment and purchase of Enel’s Rossano industrial site” published on this website.

The persons who hold an interest and meet the requirements that are provided for can submit their expression of interest as of 22 March 2016 by registering into the Futur-e site , where they will also find useful material, such  as the presentation file.

The expressions of interest must be received by 11 April 2016 (Deadline to send the Manifestation of Interest extended to 15 July 2016 3 P.M) and are subject to a fit assessment as to whether the persons considered suitable for admission to the second phase of the Procedure for the presentation of the project proposals meet the requirements. Following the assessment, Enel will notify the admission to the second phase of the Procedure for the presentation of project ideas and corresponding binding site purchase offers to the persons who are deemed qualified.

The proposed project proposals will be subject to a fit assessment taking into account the requirements established in the Procedure aiming at enhancing the innovative and sustainable projects under a social, economic and environmental viewpoint, with a special focus on the opportunities and needs of the local community.

The impartiality and quality of the jury will be guaranteed by the presence in it of Milan Polytechnic representatives, while local needs will be present through representatives of local authorities and of the University of Calabria.

Following the selection of the project ideas Enel will start negotiation with the persons who have submitted the relevant binding site purchase offers in order to achieve the sale of the Plant area.


Find out the details regarding the Procedure for the purchase and redevelopment of the Rossano plant. 

In this page you will find the Manifestation of Interest to participate, the useful Documents and supporting material.

It notes that the template for the formulation of the Expression of Interest and its Appendices will be available on the Futur-e platform from the day March 22, 2016.