Trino (Vercelli, Piedmont)


Thermoelectric Combined Cycle plant


about 90 ha, of which about 24 are dedicated to facilities

Plant’s gross capacity

690 MW

Recent events
Since 2012 energy production at the plant has reduced significantly and in July 2013 the Ministry for the Environment and the Protection of the Territory and the Seas authorized the decommissioning of the plant.
The Galileo Ferraris was the first of Enel’s combined cycle plants. The two groups entered production between 1996-1997.
In 2016 the public procedure for the acquisition and redevelopment of the Trino thermoelectric plant was launched.
The commission, which had been asked to evaluate the projects in terms of their social, environmental and economic sustainability, completed its findings in September. Enel subsequently began negotiations with its counterparts, who presented two projects which were considered suitable for the area. Over the course of a series of meetings, the various parties adapted the solutions proposed to the needs of the site.

In May 2018, Enel signed the preliminary agreement for the sale of the site with Galileo Ferraris s.r.l. This group, which is made up of local companies and entrepreneurs, submitted a project to transform the former plant into a theme park dedicated to the automotive sector. It will feature research laboratories for electric cars and a dedicated area with charging stations, parks, and spaces for innovation and services.

Enel will also play an active role in the future of the site. An area of the former plant, which is not included in the Competition for Projects, will remain the property of the company. Here it will build an innovative logistics hub for the Group's activities. 

The territory
Trino is "Italy’s rice capital" since the fifteenth century, when its cultivation, still characteristic of this area and globally competitive, was first introduced in Italy.
The territory of the municipality of Vercelli also hosts the Natural Park of the Wood of Sorti Partecipanza Trino, often referred to as "green raft" between the expanses of paddy fields, which is a rare example of Italian plain wood and allows to see still today what the Po Valley was like before the change wrought over he centuries by agricultural activities.

Purchase and redevelopment procedure

Enel, in accordance with the Open Power  philosophy and within the Futur-e project, will launch a purchase and redevelopment procedure aimed to select proposals for the purchase  and redevelopment of its thermal power plant located in Trino (Vercelli).

The Procedure is divided into two phases:

  • Expression of Interest;
  • Due diligence, survey, project proposal and site binding purchase offer.


The two phases of the Procedure will be presented in detail in the document “Call for expressions of interest for the redevelopment and purchase of the Combined Cycle Thermal Power Plant situated in Trino Vercellese, Province of Vercelli, owned by Enel” published on this website.

The expressions of interest must be received by 22 December 2016 at h 12:00 pm and are subject to a fit assessment as to whether the persons considered suitable for admission to the second phase of the Procedure for the presentation of the project proposals meet the requirements. Following the assessment, Enel will notify the admission to the second phase of the Procedure for the presentation of project ideas and corresponding binding site purchase offers to the persons who are deemed qualified.

The proposed project proposals will be subject to a fit assessment taking into account the requirements established in the Procedure aiming at enhancing the innovative and sustainable projects under a social, economic and environmental viewpoint, with a special focus on the opportunities and needs of the local community.

The impartiality and quality of the jury will be guaranteed by the presence in it of Milan Polytechnic representatives, while local needs will be present through representatives of local authorities.

Following the selection of the project ideas Enel will start negotiation with the persons who have submitted the relevant binding site purchase offers in order to achieve the sale of the Plant area.


Discover the details regarding the procedure for the purchase and redevelopment of the Trino power plant.
On this page you will find the Expression of Interest to participate, the useful documentation and a series of supporting materials.

The Expressions of Interest must be submitted at the latest by 22 December 2016 at 12 a.m., and are subject to a preliminary verification by Enel, as to whether they meet the requirements established by the presenters.




Questions & Answers

In order to provide more details on the Procedure and the Trino site, over a period of time queries can be sent to the webmaster@enel.com mailbox.