Umbria and Enel, a Pact for New Energy

Published on Monday, 28 November 2016

The company and the Umbria region sign a framework agreement to redesign a sustainable energy future for the territory.

Electricity will be increasingly efficient and environmentally friendly in the “green heart” of Italy. Enel and the Regional Government of Umbria signed a framework agreement to redesign the region’s energy future, particularly with respect to production sites and the upgrading of certain facilities that are no longer in use.

The agreement, which was signed in mid-November by the President of Umbria, Catiuscia Marini and by Enel’s Head of Institutional Affairs Italy, Massimo Bruno, is the result of a series of efforts marked by dialogue and transparency, involving representatives of the electric utility and the Region, as well as trade unions.

Such efforts have lasted over a year, leading to the creation a redevelopment plan for the industrial sites of Bastardo and Pietrafitta, respectively located in the municipalities of Gualdo Cattaneo and Piegaro, as part of the Futur-E project: a programme promoted by Enel in 2015 to establish the new function of 23 obsolete thermal power plants in collaboration with local communities, in order to foster innovation and environmental sustainability.

According to the agreement, the Umbria Region and Enel will both provide the necessary structures to promote the development and requalification of strategic assets for the Umbrian communities, from a circular economy perspective.

In order to implement the agreement, the Region and Enel set up a Technical Committee, composed of representatives from the Umbria administration, Enel, and the municipalities of Gualdo Cattaneo and Piegaro. The objective of the committee is to coordinate the implementation activities of the Framework Agreement, leading to a subsequent Programme Agreement (to be established by next June 30) which will define projects, timing, resources and the methods to achieve the Conversion Plan and re-launch initiatives tied to the Futur-E project.

When commenting on the agreement, President Marini highlighted that “Enel’s objective is to manage the re-industrialisation of these sites in full collaboration with the Umbria Region, thus managing the industrial conversion processes together. Taking into account the expectations of local communities, this project aims to transform the sites into new resources that are not intended for the production of energy, but are nevertheless not of lesser value”.

The Head of Institutional Affairs Italy, Massimo Bruno, highlighted that the agreement confirms the electric company's “commitment to the Umbria region, a land of innovation and sustainability, with projects that open up to important development scenarios. On the one hand, the Enel Group operates in the area with technologically innovative projects, from fibre optic cabling – which was completed in Perugia before any other Italian city – to electric mobility and energy efficiency. On the other hand, it intends to continue a constructive and valuable collaboration with the Region and its municipalities, as part of the Futur-E project, to develop innovative and modern solutions for Bastardo and Pietrafitta. Enel does not intend abandon the territory, but rather to reinforce its commitment and to provide all the necessary skills to meet such a challenge, because it takes “great energy” to find ideas that measure up to the situation and to the Umbria region’s needs”.

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