Enel, quality brand also for sale

Published on Thursday, 16 February 2017

Quality is guaranteed not only for commercial procedures, but also for energy, product and service sales. Enel’s ISO 9001:2008 certifications now have a broader scope, extended for the first time to a commercial element that, being closer to end users, strengthens their awareness on deals offered by the company. At the end of the assessment performed at Enel’s Italian corporate offices by the Italian Institute of Quality Brand IMQ, in charge of certifications, both the National Electric Service and Enel Energia proved 100% compliant to market standards, without any critical remark being put forward.

Several areas of excellence were pointed out, from the new information systems to the ‘cascading’ training model, from investments on innovation to the increasingly technological digital channels. A particular focus was placed on services and products made available to customers, as well as management and sales performances of Punto Enel consultants and Contact Center staff. This is precisely what led to the extension of Enel’s quality standards, through the assessment of a sector that is traditionally evaluated directly by end users.

An excellent feedback was also given to EnelFlow, as single market portal, just like EVA, the internal audit digitisation platform, which offers an integrated solution for all the processed files. They both aim at the general objective of simplifying corporate procedures, essential to enhance the perception of quality of service offered to customers.

Therefore, the company’s single attitude to maximise efficiency has been replaced by a real quality work ‘style’, a practice inherent in everone of the Enel Group, who daily serves some 31 million customers.


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