Smart cities at La Spezia, Futur-e is also there

Published on Friday, 17 February 2017

Futur-e at the centre of the week-long conferences, meetings and excursions organised in La Spezia on "Smart cities facing the climate change challenge". Within the full calendar of events scheduled in the city in Liguria until February 25, Enel’s circular economy project - linked to the recovery of its former plants - is one of the top models for the debate on sustainable development pathways for the future.

In fact, its management procedures are based on the adoption of virtuous strategies applicable not only at the sites that the company has selected in Italy, but also in all those contexts where the relations of the resources involved need to be optimised. Like, for example, the Ecoenel project in Brazil, which in these days is celebrating its tenth anniversary: the discounts offered on the electricity bills of end customers in exchange for recyclable waste are the practical implementation of the savings and redevelopment principles underlying the Futur-e philosophy.

These are precisely the issues on which the mayor of La Spezia Massimo Federici and his commissioner for environmental sustainability and economic development Laura Ruocco asked for a reflection. The creation of synergies with the corporate, research and business world, so that the public sector can also benefit as regards its administrative policies, ranging from door-to-door waste management to the creation of energy and greenhouse gas emission reduction plans, the recovery of local trails, the protection of hills and urban agricultural area.

The debates of the event, which is supported for its organisation by the city of La Spezia and by the National Association of Italian Municipalities of Liguria and Enea (National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development) will further shape "La Spezia 20:20". This project includes 44 actions for city innovation to be completed over the next two to four years, in order to turn it into a real smart city.

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