The future of Piombino, an example of sustainability

Published on Wednesday, 8 August 2018

A multi-functional space hosting shopping and recreational areas, tourist information centres, places for scientific research and experimental agriculture. It is a virtuous example of sustainable innovation in the decommissioning of industrial areas.

Following Enel’s requests for competitive bids, the Stigliano Sviluppo srl company has signed a preliminary contract to purchase the area covered by the former Piombino power plant in Tuscany.

In keeping with the Futur-e project, the goal is to convert the space that was formerly used for energy production into one that can offer new opportunities for the surrounding area. The project by Stigliano Sviluppo, which is being fine-tuned in collaboration with local institutions, will transform the power station into a multi-functional space with shopping, tourist and recreational zones as well as areas dedicated to scientific research and experimental agriculture. The project will – thanks to the significant investment being directed into it over the next few years – create numerous job opportunities.

The new project taking shape in Enel’s former power plant is also in line with the principles of social, economic and environmental sustainability that inspire the Futur-e programme.

The same concept, namely transforming the decommissioning of a power plant into a springboard for new development, was also successfully applied to the first test phase for the use of new technology for decontamination. The results were presented to the relevant regional institutions so that the project can now move forward. In particular, a biological treatment was used in the areas with hydrocarbon residue, which was broken down by the bacteria that are naturally found in the ground.

This project makes Tuscany the first region in Italy to tackle the repurposing of industrial sites with innovative, sustainable technologies. These can be reproduced on a large scale and applied to similar sites both nationally and internationally. This is in line with the principle of the circular economy, a concept that Tuscany’s regional administration has recently included in its statutes.

The private-public enterprise in Piombino is a virtuous example of how to transform the decommissioning of an industrial area into a replicable, technologically advanced project and a great new opportunity for the local economy.

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