Zero Waste Campaign: the circular model at the former Carpi plant

Published on Tuesday, 30 October 2018

The Carpi model for the national campaign “Zero Waste - Towards a circular economy.” The site of the former Enel gas turbine power plant, which by 2019 is set to be converted into an innovative logistics hub for our Group, has already become a national reference point.

The repurposing of the plant in the Emilia-Romagna region has been included as an example of circular economy best practices on the website linked to the campaign by the association Amici della Terra (Friends of the Earth) presented on 11 October at the Lower House of the Italian Parliament. The aim of the campaign is to disseminate information on the best policies for the integrated management and exploitation of resources, through the promotion of good practices in the circular economy. The central theme is the waste cycle, which is developed by providing scientific analysis with indications of impacts, costs and benefits for each technological treatment solution. This information, which was also presented on the web portal linked to the campaign, is intended to encourage debate among all stakeholders (institutions, companies, citizens), while offering tangible examples of how to improve the management of urban waste.

The former Carpi power plant is part of the Futur-e programme, which involves the repurposing of 23 decommissioned thermoelectric power plants and one former mining area through the development of innovative and sustainable projects in collaboration with the local communities.

After the completion of the dismantling works, which allowed the recovery of 3500 tonnes of metal and 3000 cubic metres of crushed concrete, in May the Carpi site entered the second phase of its transformation: the resources obtained are now being reused in the creation of sustainable solutions for the new logistics hub, which also includes a LED lighting system, a phyto-purification system for the site’s water supply and the recovery of rainwater for the irrigation of green areas, as well as for the fire sprinkler system.

A model example of the circular economy with zero waste and consistent with the identity of the Carpi area, which is considered a national centre of recycling and recovery thanks to the region’s stringent urban planning legislation that aims to eliminate land take for construction. 

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