Energy is a lifestyle

“Fashions fade, style is eternal,” as Coco Chanel used to say.

Style is the signature that makes us unique, it puts our stamp on the world.  

Intangible, often elusive, our lifestyle molds our day-to-day experience. The way we express ourselves and behave is ours and ours alone, and doesn’t change over time. It is our “being” in ontological terms, our individual substance, according to Leibniz’s definition.

All of this inspires the #EnelStyle project.

Today, energy makes people’s lives a unique experience.  

Through this new concept, which is built on a balance of words and images, we tell the story of the transformation currently unfolding. It’s an epoch-changing transition in which lifestyle is also defined through our day-to-day behaviors, including our most personal and intimate.

Energy that powers and moves the objects we use every day, gives them new uses, redefines our experience, and opens up spaces for innovation and sustainability.   

There is energy in every instant of our lives

Energy is a lifestyle. 

Gone with the Wind

The wind, sun, water and the Earth’s heat are the sources that provide renewable energy. These sources inspire our strategy to lead a just and sustainable energy transition.

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Infinite value

Since 1931 the Giro d’Italia has been crossing Italy in the slipstream of the famed Pink Jersey: a symbol that for 90 years has embodied passion, tradition and a strong bond with the country, representing the energy of people who look ahead in order go even further.

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The revolution of light

The invention of the light bulb in 1879 revolutionized the way we live in our homes and cities. Today our simple and innovative solutions are helping people improve their lifestyles and are providing new ways to use energy.

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Bees: a sustainable team

Sustainability and respect for the environment represent the cornerstones of our strategy to contribute to the fight against climate change (SDG13: “Climate Action”) and to protect the planet. Industriousness, teamwork and circularity are at the heart of our commitment. Just like bees.

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Biodiversity and nature

The protection of biodiversity is one of the values with which we measure the sustainability of our business. We have drawn up a specific policy to protect flora, fauna and wildlife in the areas in which we work.

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The power of circularity

When the dandelion’s flower withers its seed head forms, spreading seeds across the land to then be reborn. Nature teaches us the power of circularity: for years we have been integrating the Circular Economy into our strategy, applying it along the entire value chain.

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In the name of the Tricolor

For almost 60 years we have been Italy’s energy: we have grown with the country and we are still contributing to its sustainable development by placing people and local communities at the center of our activities, in order to build the future together and leave a mark.

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Adapting to the environment

The “UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration” aims give a new lease of life to natural habitats, from forests to the deep sea. Investing in the environment means investing in the future, and that is why we are committed to protecting our Planet every day.

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To the rhythm of #EnelStyle

Initially, 45 RPM singles were produced in different colors according to musical genre. Black subsequently took over, making“45s” become iconic objects. Today, the energy of music is just a click away. Follow us on Spotify.

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Knowledge pushes us towards the future: we promote training initiatives for youngsters that enhance the culture of sustainability as as a driving force for economic development in line with SDG #4 in the 2030 Agenda.

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Sustainability, our beacon

In the journey towards the energy transition, sustainability is the beacon that guides us in the creation of shared value for the environment, the economy and communities.

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Energy is a lifestyle.

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